The expert in advanced water treatment and waste-to-resources
Dedicated to solving the world's water pollution, water
scarcity, and water security issues by water reclamation
Supply high-quality drinking water from “source” to “tap”
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Benchmarking Performance

Advanced Treatment Of Drinking Water

437ccm必赢国际首页欢迎您 has completed numerous national advanced drinking water treatment projects.
Some of our signature award-winning projects include Drinking Water Plants for the 2022 Beijing
Winter Olympics Main Venues in Chongli and Yanqing, Xiong'an New Area No.1 Tap Water Plant,
and Beijing South-to-North Water Diversion Shijingshan Water Plant.437ccm必赢国际首页欢迎您 has completed
various large-scale water treatment projects in cities including
Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Nanning, and more.



437ccm必赢国际首页欢迎您 produces high-quality reclaimed water for industries including
but not limited to: photovoltaic, PCB, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing,
and steel, aiming for the commercialization of high-quality water resources.