Low Temperature、Low Turbidity Water from south-to-North Water Transfer Project

Project Name: DW Plant Upgrading Project at Chengzi,Beijing
Capacity: 43,200+100,000m³/d
Technology: O₃+GAC+UF

Greentech was awarded the renovation and expansion project of Beijing Drinking water Group Mencheng Water Plant. The raw water comes from the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and is treated by self-cleaning filter, micro-flocculation. The capacity of this plant is 43,200 m³/d. Ultrafiltration to meet the requirements of “Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water”(GB5749-2006).

Greentech takes responsibility of project bidding and construction. The scope includes process design and engineering, equipment supply and installation, plant commissioning and start-up, after sales services and effluent guarantee. The main equipment provided include: UF feed pump, auto -cleaning strainer, UF Module, UF backwash pump, NF lift pump, cartridge filter, High pressure pump, NF Module, chemical cleaning system, dosing system, valves and monitoring instruments, automation &control system and the electrical system.

Beijing Mencheng II project is the second membrane plant with south to north raw water after Mencheng plant. The capacity is 100,000 m³/d of UF, and the permeate meets Standard for Drinking Water Quality (GB5749-2006).